Renovating your property is a crucial step towards realising your vision of your dream home.

However, for that dream to become reality, there will be some disruption to your daily life as the builders get to work on the transformation.

Although it’ll all be worth it when you see the final results, adjusting to life during the renovation process isn’t easy. To help you make the transition, here are a few things to expect:


Even the tidiest workers need to make some mess while working, so be prepared to have dust and debris flying around your home for a while. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re still living there while work is carried out, but remember that it’s only temporary.

Restricted access to your property

During the renovation work, part of your property may be off-limits to you, so make sure you’ve made plans to ensure this causes minimal disruption. If you’re unable to park on your driveway as it needs to accommodate a skip or scaffolding poles, then seek out a suitable parking space nearby. Or if a bathroom or kitchen will be inaccessible for a while, then you’ll need to think about alternative provisions for cooking and cleaning.

Delays happen

When work commences, you’ll be given an estimated date for completion, but remember that’s exactly what it is – an estimate. Although any good contractor will work their hardest to ensure they meet their deadline, there will be circumstances beyond their control, such as poor weather or the delayed delivery of materials, which will set things back. To be safe, don’t make any plans that are dependant on work being finished by the initially specified date.

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