Buying a new build property is a smart investment. They’re low maintenance, more energy-efficient and, in some cases, can be kitted out to your own specification.

If you’re looking to move home and are weighing up the pros and cons of choosing a new build property, here are some questions you may be eager to know the answers to:

Is it more expensive to buy a new build home?

Because a premium is often added to the cost of a newly built property, you can expect to pay more for it than you would an older property of a similar size. However, you can also expect your household bills and maintenance costs to be lower.

What does buying ‘off-plan’ mean?

In simple terms, buying off-plan means that you put a deposit down on a property before it’s been built. Although it means you’ll have a longer wait before you can move in, you should have a greater influence over how the property is built – you might be able to request specific fixtures and fittings, or even choose your own kitchen and bathroom furniture.

When can I start decorating my new home?

As everything has been built from the ground up, the walls will need some time to settle. For this reason, most builders recommend that you wait up to 12 months before you put up any wallpaper. It can be frustrating, but this will ensure you get the best results when you decorate.

What if things go wrong?

Although you’re less likely to experience structural issues in a new build, things occasionally can go wrong. When you’re purchasing your home, find out what sort of warranty the builder is offering. Many warranty schemes offer a 10-year guarantee on new builds, to ensure the homeowner can move in with full peace of mind.