Preparing your home for your extension

Preparing your home for your extension

So you’ve got to the stage where work is soon to begin on your extension. You’ve applied for and received planning permission, you’ve secured financing and you’ve identified the contractors you will use.

So now all you have to do is prepare your home for the work that will soon start.

There’s no getting around it – any building work on your home is going to be disruptive but, with careful planning, this can be limited.


To prepare your home and family for building work you need to know what rooms will be affected and for how long, before you can put an action plan in place to counter the disruption.

You will also need to know if major utilities will be out of action – such as hot water, electricity or gas – and for how long and then put alternative solutions in place such as portaloos, sleepovers, or hotel stays.

Clear Out

Once you know which rooms will be affected, you can start clearing them and packing things away.

Ensure the things you need on a regular basis are not packed in boxes. It’s also useful to see this packing up as an opportunity to clear out old and unwanted items. This means you will only pack in boxes the things you will need and want in your newly extended home.

If possible, rather than having boxes piled up around the house from the cleared rooms, put them into storage. This enables your home to be as ‘normal’ as possible for the duration of the work.


It’s imperative that whilst work is going on, you and your family are safe. Make ground rules for the family about areas that are off-limits.

If you would like to talk to the team at R & K Design about starting work on your extension we would love to have a chat to find out how we can get you started.