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Lakes By Yoo

Lakeside Renovation

lakes by yoo decking


What We Did

This beautiful 4 bedroom lake side property set in 850 acres in the Cotswold countryside required a few additions and updates to retain its beauty.


Project Particulars

Creation of an additional bathroom, full replacement of outside decking, full external and internal decoration, creation of bespoke shelving area, install of feature lighting and electric car charger.

lakes by yoo lighting
lakes by yoo custom shelf



Approx £45-£50k


Note from the customer

Whole team was fabulous to deal with from start to finish.
Really detailed itemised quote. Job came in on time and on budget. Because of raw material price rises, covid delays etc etc which are very common at the moment Ben ensured we purchased as many supplies ahead of commencement of job (which he stored off site) so there were no price shocks nor lead time issues once we started. Inevitably, I added extra work to the job as we went along (as you always do when doing building work). R&R were great at agreeing the price of all extras in advance. Ben was adept at gently querying (in a very, very polite way) some of my ideas and offering different approaches which were way better. He came up with some creative solutions to some specific site issues. Happy to recommend the whole team

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