Lighting helps you customise every room in your house, either by enhancing the ambience or by creating a new mood entirely. Below are some factors to consider when lighting your home.

Types of lighting

Before you start selecting any lighting fixtures and bulbs, you must understand the different kinds of lighting and their functions. The three known types of lighting are accent lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting creates the atmosphere of a room and is the main source of light. Accent lighting is mostly decorative and helps draw attention to specific features in your house. Task lighting provides light for specific activities, a good example of this being a reading lamp.


Your decorative theme should determine the type of lighting fixtures you use in your house. Whether it’s contemporary or classic, matching your lighting to the theme of your home helps marry everything together for a more welcoming look.

Type of room

Living room and dining room

Every room requires a different lighting scheme depending on the mood you want to create and the size of the room. Rooms meant for relaxation and entertainment such as the living room and dining room require bright light. Having dimmer switches in these rooms comes in handy when you want to change the mood of the room. When lighting the living room, floor lamps, sconces and tables lamps provide alternative lighting for when you don’t want to use ambient lighting.


The bedroom requires warm lighting, and therefore, fluorescent bulbs work best for this room. Having task lighting in the bedroom also helps create a relaxing mood.


Good lighting is, without a doubt, a must-have in any bathroom. Installing bright LED lights or sconces above the bathroom mirrors works perfectly for this room.


How you light your kitchen mainly depends on the layout of your kitchen. Ambient lighting together with accent lighting is a great way for most kitchens.

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