Moving house is a stressful and expensive project but it is generally all worth it – unless of course, the house you are in the process of buying is not what you want.

Sometimes the only way to have your ideal home is to build it yourself. Especially considering many homes nowadays are mass-produced by large developers and can be uninspiring and poorly built.

However, you need to be prepared for a difficult journey if choosing to go down the self-build route.

Cons of self-build

There is little doubt that self-build costs more than buying a property, and it takes a lot longer from conception to moving day than buying from the market.

A mortgage for a self-build is more complicated than a traditional mortgage. A traditional mortgage pays the money in one lump sum to purchase the property whereas a self-build loan is released in stages either in arrears or in advance of each development stage. If you run into financial problems it could result in the money not being released and a half-built home.

It is far more stressful to self-build that purchase a house from the market and will require several skills you may not have used before. It is far easier to buy a house than to build one.

Pros of self-build

However, when going for a self-build you have the freedom to design whatever you want, within planning regulations and budget limitations of course. You will be able to design and build the dream house for you and your family.

You can manage the build and choose as high a standard of workmanship and materials as you can afford.

When designing your build specification you can incorporate as many environmentally friendly elements as the budget allows making your house as eco-friendly as possible – more so than many houses on the market.

If you would like to discuss self-builds and project management then give the team of R & K Design and Build a call on 01793616966 as we would love to set you on your journey to your dream home.